Emergency Service

Imagine coming home one day to find that your house is flooded from a leaking water heater or your resturant has no hot water and you might have to close the doors. You need fast and professional help.


Any time you have an emergency, we'll be there to help you solve your problems with our prompt, courteous and professional service.  


Call our emergency hotline: 404-363-8000

Prevent Disaster Before It Strikes

The experts at HBP can also install a "Flood Stop" system that detects water leakage and automatically closes the water valve. Not only can it help prevent major water damage but some home insurance companies even give a discount for having one installed.


Have one installed on your new water heater or your current one before it is too late.

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HBP Water Heaters
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Phone: 404-363-8000

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HBP Water Heaters

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