Commercial Emergency Service

Water Heater or Boiler Down or Leaking?

Loosing money by the minuet? 


HBP offers 24hr Emergency services


  • Emegency Water Heater or Boiler Replacement 
  • Emergancy Repairs
  • Emergency Pump Replacment


Any time you have an emergency, we'll be there to help you solve your problems with our prompt, courteous and professional service.  


Call our emergency hotline: 404-363-8000 404-363-8000

Office Address

HBP Water Heaters
5345 N. Lake Drive
Lake City, Georgia 30260  


Phone: 404-363-8000

Fax: 404-363-9700

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Billing/Remit Address

HBP Water Heaters

P.O. Box 99

Forest Park, GA 30298

Hours of Operation


8:00 am - 5:00 pm

On-Call Technician

Available 24/7


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