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Let the experts at HBP Water Heaters handle all your water heater service needs.  HBP has been the company to call for all water heater needs since 1987.  Our certified and fully licensed staff will fix your water heater problems the first time around. When you hire an HBP expert you can be assured that the problem will be fixed and the job completed with one visit, 99 percent of the time.


We specialize in the field of high efficiency water heaters and boilers. These innovative systems save you money and cut back on the energy consumed by your water heater, while simultaneously protecting the environment and fighting climate change. Let our experts consult you on how we can help!


We're always here for you in an emergency. We'll respond quickly and find a solution so you can rest easy.

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HBP Water Heaters
5345 N. Lake Drive
Lake City, Georgia 30260  


Phone: 404-363-8000

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HBP Water Heaters

P.O. Box 99

Forest Park, GA 30298

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